Passing the certified Developer Exam (401)

December 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is just a small post I thought would be relevant to let you guys know that I have passed the certified Developer exam i.e the 401 exam and how to go about it with some insights from my own experience. The exam I would say won’t be that tough for someone who have worked for sometime and have got some hands on experience on the platform. Most of the questions are from the Administrative perspective i.e the 201 exam I should say. The rest are some advanced things one should know about the other features of the platform.

There are a lot of questions on sharing and security settings and some of them are scenario-based. For Example:

Q. A record was created and the option to share the record through Hierarchies has been unchecked. Who all can make changes to the record?
a. only the Owner
b. the owner, the members above the owner in the hierarchy and the administrator
c. the owner and the system administrator
d. only the system administrator.

Another Example:

Q. Features of platform that are enabled by default when we create a custom tab for an object.
a. Create new on the sidebar.
b. Search on the sidebar
c. Quick create on the sidebar
d. Recent Items on the sidebar

Then expect some direct questions like :

Q. What is the size of a visualforce page? 15 MB

Last but not the least, there will be some questions on which tool you will use with a given business requirement.

These are pretty much one should know before heading for the 401 exam. Many of the things will be what you would have come across in the platform itself and if you need any further help or have some queries, feel free to ask me or just mail me. I would be glad to help you out.


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